New Rules for Monthly Freebie Challenge

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*These Rules are in effect as of October 2015*

The Rules:

1. A minimum of 10 freebies must be included in your image along with links to the freebies you have used. For an item to be considered free it must be offered as a freebie for the whole of the month. The exception to this rule is all Daz weekly freebies will be allowed throughout the entire month in which they are free as well as the month following their release as a freebie (For a total of 2 months). Also, if a freebie is broken into multiple downloads/links/parts (IE like if the freebie is broken down into 3 zips etc) it only counts as one freebie, not 3.

2. A maximum of 3 purchased items.

3. Base figures (All Gen 2, 3, 4 and Genesis1, 2, and 3) as well as their general morphs packs (Morphs++ and similar) don’t count as a purchased item or a freebie and may be used as needed.

4. Postwork is allowed but you MUST include before and after Postwork versions of your entry in the Entry Thread.

5. All DAZ 3D programs allowed (ie Bryce, Carrara, DAZ Studio and Hexagon) plus Poser for the contest.

6. All entries are subject to the DAZ3D TOS found here:

7. You may enter up to a Maximum of 3 Entries per month (This limit does not apply to or include Mini-Conests)

8. Mini contests, within the main contest, are separate from the main contest and may have different or additional rules that will be explained at the time of the mini-contest. Prizes for them will be given seperately from the main challenge.

9. You may edit your entry as much as you like in the main thread but once it is posted to the "Entries" thread it may not be further modified. Also, if you edit or add things, be sure you update any links or freebie changes you make.

The Freebie Challenge will end the last day of each month - 23.59 Daz time.


*Please Note: Please allow 7 days from the Announcement of the Winners to receive your prize*

If you have not received your prize, or have any questions, please contact (me) DAZ_ann0314 in a PM here on the forums or e-mail me at [email protected] smiley

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