Military Rank Insignia

Would like military rank insignias in silver and gold that could be pinned to a shirt collar and shoulder.


  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 5,239

    The 5 pointed star is currently available as an earring here:

    Wouldn't take a lot to delete/hide one side and/or put it on any bit you wished.

    To make things easier, I've attached a zip file with 2 obj files in it. 1) The Obj file for a single earring for you to import. Apply shaders and import the 'star shank longer' obj using 'Edit| Object| Morph Loader Advanced' to make the shank have a variable length morph. Then position the model and parent in place.



  • Drogo NazhurDrogo Nazhur Posts: 1,059

    thank you

  • felisfelis Posts: 3,853
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    It is fairly simple shape, so I modelled them, except the eagle, which is more complex and would require a normal map. I also simplified the leaf, as I could see on other pictures of insignias.

    But I forgot about it, but this is what they look like with a silver shader in DS.

    If interested you can get them as objs.

    1300 x 731 - 2M
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  • Drogo NazhurDrogo Nazhur Posts: 1,059

    I'm interested. How do I get them?

  • felisfelis Posts: 3,853

    There are 4 objs in the attached zip.

    You can import them into Daz Studio. I have modelled them to be around 3 cm tall. Be aware that the objs are in blender scale, so when importing to DS size should be 10000%, or they will end up very tiny.

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