Poser 10 and DAZ

I have not used Poser in a while, today I found out that because Flash player is not an option the library does not work. I have regular Poser so the edit library external fix does not help me. Is there a way to import all of Poser 10 libraries into DAZ Studio?




  • Jan_ScrapperJan_Scrapper Posts: 351

    I use Poser 2014 sometimes and am able to go to "Windows" tab in Poser, then click "Libriaries.  I guess this is the one that doesn't help.  I am not sure.

    You can add your Poser Librairies to Daz Studio.

    Open Daz Studio.

    Go to Content Library Tab

    Find "Poser Formats" and Right click

    From there, you can add all of your Poser Libraries.

    This doesn't import your Poser Libraries, it just links your Poser Libraries.  Therefore, your Poser Libraries stay where they are.

    Your Poser Characters and props will work just fine in almost all cases.  The Poser "Pose" files for different textures will work, however may not be as bright as in Poser.

    The Poser "Mat" files intended to be used in the Material Room for Poser usually don't even show up in Daz Studio.

    It is fun to learn to use Daz Studio shaders to make old products look new!

    Hope I helped a little!!


  • Thank you!!

  • Jan_ScrapperJan_Scrapper Posts: 351

    You are so very welcome!!  I hope it works for you.  This is how I started with Daz Studio :)  

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