Old Daz Victoria 4 Figure I want to use in Poser

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I have an old V4 figure complete with V4 morphs I want to be able to use in Poser 12. I did it with the help of a friend once years ago but can't seem to get the cr2 file properly converted. I'd also like to have the morph functions still adjustable once I bring it into P12. Am I in need of an old utility program? Any help appreciated. 

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 97,834

    Victoria 4 is a Poser figure, just install it along with any ExP Morph packs such as Shapes++, and then run the updater (/Runtime/Libraries/!Daz/DzCreateExPFiles-v4 if you don't hav the desktop shotcut).

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    There are various tutorials on 'activating' M4 and V4, via the .BAT files. if that's what you mean. The required files are installed along with V4 or M4, and the process is explained step by step in "Tutorial: how to activate and load Micheal 4 and Morphs++" and others, found online.

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    If you install V4 and M4 and their morphs using DAZ Install Manager, they are automagically activated...

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