Where Can I Get Victoria 4.2 Morph++ Pack

I own the Victoria 4.2 figure. I would like to add the Victoria 4.2 Morph++ package.

I found an item in the Marketpace called "Victoria 4.2 Shapes++," for which the description seemed to be what I was looking for. So I bought it and downloaded it for manual installation. But all I got was a package to create clothing for Victiora 4.2. There are undoubtedly some developeres out there who want this package, but I am not one of them. I want the morphs that were described under the Victoria 4.2 Shapes++ item.

Daz has very nicely offered to refund my puchase amount. However, I still do not have the Mroph++ package that I would like to buy.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how I should go about finding and buy the morph package?


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    Shapes ++ should be the right product. Did you install to the same Content Directory as the base, and if you don't use the PowerLoader tool did you run /Runtime/Libraries/!DAZ/DzCreateExPFiles-v4.bat (for Windows - command script of the same name for Mac) and then inject the morphs from the Pose library, under poser formats, Daz' Victoria 4>Morph Injections (as I recall)?

  • According to the Renderosity forum, there were supposed to be four files. I only got the fourth one, IM00004787-04_Victoria42DeveloperKit. So I haven't gotten nearly so far as to be able to install anything. (I have a seprate runtime/library for my V4-related stuff, so I prefer to use the manual install. And I do use a Mac.)

    I tried another route, which was to buy the Victoria 4.2 Starter Pack. It was a little more expensive, but it had some potential additional content.

    However, when I went to my Orders page in my account, and clicked on the Download button under the Manual Install option, it did not download anything. It just took me to a page describing the product with my order number on it. This worked earlier today, but it is not working now.

    I must be doing something wrong. How do I download (for manual installation)?

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    On https://www.daz3d.com/downloader/customer/files#prod_4787 you don't have a list like this, with the morphs the fourth item?

    Victoria 4.2 morphs.jpg
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