DAZ 4.7 to Poser 11 Companion files not working.

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Hi I am a long time DAZ user, who is trying to Migrate some of my content to Poser, mostly to use their comic rendering capacity. 

I have a couple quick Questions, I expect they have been anwsered before, but after a week of working on this issue, I have not found definative answers. 

1. I keep my DAZ library divided into 3 "Runtimes" My IM Library, My Library (Rendo Assets),  Studio 4/Content/ Runtime/ Tree, This library contains all the scenes, sets, props, et al, I have ever created; but of course calls to assets in the other two libraries, and this works just fine for DAZ, if I want to load V4 wearing a given outfit I just merge her into scene and boom, NP. But when I create companion files for say v4_Claudia_FearMomma_Outfit. they just dont work. Now I have mapped all three runtimes to Poser, and poser sees the companion files. But when I try to load the scene subset, (or scene) at most I get a brown screen, and some random camera's but no figure, and no clothing. 

So I am wondering if Every asset called by the DUF/Companion files have to be in the same runtime as the Target DUF file. That seems to me what may be going on, but then again that seems to be very limiting. I mean if the runtimes are mapped to Poser, should it not be able to call them? 

2. Maybe I am making the wrong type of target file. I have tried resaving as a scene, with no real luck. But 90% of the time I save anything but poses as a scene subset, so I can easily merge in Sets, Props, Charactors, even lighing set ups. (without just blowing away any current lights.) and this has worked well for me. So what is the best File type to create for a subset that contains say a dressed and fitted figure.? Or for a Setting? I usually save my lights seperately as I have a handful of lighting rigs I use 95% of the time if the primary subject is at world 0,0,0 or very close. 

Lastly are older verstions of DSON available. As noted above I work with 4.7; I stopped chasing DAZ a long time ago, but something I read above made me wonder if the current DSON Importer is compatabile with the companion files my version of DAZ creates. 

I'm sure I'll have follow on Questions, for now I would be quite happy with simplest possible anwsers, just so I have a better chance of not wasting further time barking up the wrong trees. TY for your time and attention. BB. 

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    Older versions of Daz Studio and plugins are not available, only the latest version of general release and beta are.

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    Cool, Thanks Leana. Appreciate your time. 

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    Leana said:

    Older versions of Daz Studio and plugins are not available, only the latest version of general release and beta are.

    If you have the DSON importer in your Product Library, there should be an older Beta version available there; it's version  I used it instead of  the later versions because they distorted the geometry of Genesis 2 figures.  If you are logged into the DAZ site, you should be able to find it here...


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