Transfer Utility - Transfer Weights without derforming the model?

Is it possible to parent a garment to a genesis character using transfer utliity - but without deforming the garment?

This leaves a lot of artefacts, predominantly on buttons, that can't be cleaned up with weight mapping because the mesh becomes deformed as a default state post transferring weights.

[attached imgs showing before transfer, after transfer, and transfer settings]

I'm more familiar with Blender's 'Parent with Automatic Weights'  feature and then adjusting weight maps. In Blender, parenting/weighting an asset to an armeture doesn't deform the model. For this use case I can't really do the weight painting in Blender unfortunately.

I've tried to deselect the 'Fit to Source Figure' option, which solves my problem to some degree but that means I can't move the garment or apply morphs.

Does anyone with some experience with Transfer Utility have any suggestions to help with this issue please?



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  • If the clothing is modelled around a morphed figure, which appears to eb the case from your options, then distortion will be caused by the reversal  of the morphs. Otherwise the rigged state on a zeroed figure will be the same as the base mesh, and editing the weight maps so that buttons moved as their point of attachemnt would work. One option is not to include the buttons, instead create Rigid Follow Nodes at the points to which they would be sewn and parent instances of a single button mesh to each rigid Follow Node (use the Geometry Editor for this).

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    Better use Base figure other than custom figure to make wearables, just like a PA does.  Then make FBM on the garment, etc. etc.. That's the standard and optimal workflow... As Richard suggested, better use physical buttons with Rigid follow nodes... and it'll be much easier when you add dforce to the garment.

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