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  • I have tried everything. It still does not work! I am a visual person so I need somebody to give me screencaps of a setup that works. That is the only way I can resolve this issue! Cheers

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    Advice from elsewhere on installing DSON, possibly useful... 

    "just point the installer to the Poser 11 poser.exe file. Many people also have to fool the installer and tell the DSON installer it's actually looking at a Poser 2012 poser.exe."

  • No matter what I try it doesn't work! I cannot see why some kind member here can give me screencaps of how their installation works! If I have similar information on some subject I am familiar with I would be happy to provide screencaps! Cheers

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    Well, there seem to be two different installers. You seem to be using something I've never seen before. Which I'm guessing is the official Install Manager, which I've never used. I always install from .ZIPs or .EXEs. Your screenshots show different options than that offered by the DSON_Importer_for_Poser_1.2.0.12_Win64.exe installer (no longer available, so don't waste time looking for it). Many people will only have the old .EXE file installer in their personal archives. Are you sure that the Install Manager actually has access to the DSON install files it needs, since it's no longer available and (last I looked) had been removed from my 'past purchases' list. If so, one thought would be to 'fool' the Install Manager by creating a fake Poser 2014 C:\Program Files folder, just to keep it happy, with a duplicate poser.exe in it. Then, after install, just copy over whatever it placed there, to your Poser 11.

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    What you are writing and what you are showing don't match.

    In the screenshot you have attached to your first post, the path to the horse is "I:\Daz 3D Runtime\..."

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    Thanks everyone for your assistance. Finally after all this time I got DAZ Horse 2 to work in Poser! I had to put in a new hard drive on one of my computers,reinstalled everything and used DIM for all the DAZ and Poser Content.DSON was installed automatically in Poser Pro 2014 directed to Poser 11. All works fine through Poser 11. Cheers

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