obj is deformed in daz but looks fine in blender or 3ds

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obj is deformed in daz but looks fine in blender or 3ds

the third image is the shoe in 3ds where it looks fine-there are my import options

does anyone have any idea what may be causing this to heppen?

I did restart daz and reimport but same problems

1724 x 1374 - 567K
3027 x 2095 - 1M
1217 x 895 - 143K
594 x 761 - 66K
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    Looks quite similar to me but the sole and heel itself are missing?  The missing parts may just have zero opacity?

    Perhaps if opacity is not the issue, as a quick solution you can just export the Blender one as obj, if it looks fine, and then import that version into Daz.

    Sometimes it is best to import obj while unchecking the "read material library" option as the associated .mtl file may introduce some unwanted Shader settings, such as opacity changes, diffuse overlay, etc. It may also assign maps to incorrect shader paramaters.

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    If you used ngons then daz studio has a limited support so you need to triangulate or convert to quads.

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    And ngons is not a good thing to have for final models.

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    file does not have  ngons


    here's what it looks like with evrything visible 


    the file was never doing this before,  its happening in the updated versions

    2365 x 1481 - 2M
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