Need Help Daz wont install

my system drive took a dump and I have a new one and installed windows but the installer wont download anything I just get a retry error?


  • Please upload the logs, which (if this is Install Manager) are available through the gear icon at top-right. I think the servers are pretty busy, with March Madness etc., I have had quite a few of those errors over the last three or four days.

  • jHuntleyjHuntley Posts: 63

    This is the basic error in the log then a bunch of cant find certificates



    2023-04-14 12:46:44.715 [INFO] :: Cannot locate dzInstall.ini
    2023-04-14 12:46:44.716 [INFO] :: Starting CMS...
    2023-04-14 12:46:44.716 [INFO] :: Error connecting to CMS - Cannot be started by client.




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