Can't open scene :( (boom crash)

I made up a scene earlier, just a backdrop prop, a character, outfit and try out some autofitting and light options.

Saved, quit, went back to it later..and everytime i try to open it, the program crashes.

It crashes before Daz writes anything to the log about opening the file....

Other files, created, before and after, open fine.

I've tried evey trick I can think of and google.  Turn off aspect frame, change the program style, change the program layout, duplicate the duf and try that, unzipped the compressed duf and try the raw duff....

Nothing works.. boom crash.

I went step by step, loading each part of the scene into a new file..load, save, quit, open rince repeat...

I've gotten the new file to more or less what the original is...the only differences (i think) is the lights aren't positioned exactly and I haven't mannually tweaked the stock pose I used.


Like I said, this was really more to try out some ideas, and could be recreated pretty easily, but 1) I'd love to be able to grab the full pose tweaks I did,and 2) more importantly, know why it's crashing so I can prevent it in the future...


Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000018

VM Regions Near 0x18:
    __TEXT                 0000000100000000-0000000100002000 [    8K] r-x/rwx SM=COW  /Applications/DAZ 3D/*/

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   libdzcore.dylib               	0x000000010094271a DzObject::modifierIterator() const + 12



  • This appears like it could be an actual bug. If you aren't running the latest version of Daz Studio please upgrade it.


    If you are running the latest version, please contact support and hopefully send the duf along so our support people can try it locally and see if we can get the Daz Studio team on it to find and fix the problem.

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    Version: (

    I assume this is the latest...

    I had to delete the brickyard folder for a different problem.......and hoped maybe it'd fix this...but nope.


    I have 4.7 64bit installed on a windows 7 virtual machine for various testing...has pretty much no content installed... (hmm..I bet I can link it to the exisiting libraries I have...note to self).

    I copied the duf over and it gave me a block figure with arms, but it opened.

    I saved a new copy of the scene in windows and of the pose (pose preset), so I'll transfer them back to the mac side, and see what happens...


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    Well, the pose preset works, so I'm gonna head back and get the light's saved...

    The scene opened...but it just gives me a charcoal skinned naked g2f in the pose...the scene list shows everything there, but they're not. (I'm guessing this is a result of all the "skips" and "stop asking" for the missing files when opened.



    Screenshot 2015-09-16 19.54.04.png
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    After hooking my content libraries into the windows version (4.7) and the duf (the original "broken" one) opened just fine. (smoothing settings seem to be messed up)

    I saved a new scene Duf, moved it to the mac side, and it opened (same missing smoothing settings)

    A direct flipbook comparison between a render off the "new" and the one I did earlier DOES show the light settings are also messed up..the "new" is much darker....

    So...I don't know what any of this means...I'll open the two dufs in my text editor and do a text comparison..

  • I think I'd still ship the original .duf file to Support, and see if they know anything. The Iray Render access violation error turned out to be an actual bug by the time I was done with some detailed testing on my own time.

    I wonder if they've still got a bounty out for people that find bugs?

  • are you running any 3rd party apps like "clean my mac" or Mac Anti-Virus on your mac?

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    I do use Clean My Mac2*.  I occasionaly run ClamX, but no other anti virus program.


    (*I only use it for Emptying trash and uninstalls, none of the other functions.  I don't subscribe to the CMM is an awful plot to destroy macs theoires...the many threads I've seen on issues always seem to come down to someone hitting an "auto" button and letting it go unguided. Though if you suspect it may be causing the problem, I'm certainly willing to explore that further. I've seen no sign of CMM activity in the crash logs, nor does it make much sense in this is a problem with only a specific file.)

    I did start the text comparison between the two files...there were some notable changes, though they seemed to be mainly in how things were identified....the consistency of those changes makes me think it might be a version (4.7 vs 4.8) or a platfrom (mac vs windows) issue...also that Windows Daz could read the mac created duf, and Mac Daz could read the Windows created Duf points me towards that the identifiers being diferent isn't important..  I tabled the issue to explore further after I finished with a picture I'm currently trying to finish.


  • Same problem i have with little lady fox Piper and the dragon plushii have a few older scanes where i can load them but when i make in daz 3d a saved scane and load them again the daz3d studio 4.12 crashes really bad 

  • Same problem i have with little lady fox Piper and the dragon plushii have a few older scanes where i can load them but when i make in daz 3d a saved scane and load them again the daz3d studio 4.12 crashes really bad 

    That isn't the same problem. I think it's a known issue wth some legacy Poser IK chains in DS 4.12.0.x. The 4.12.1.x Public Builds (betas) have a fix for the issue .

  • Heeellllllllo necrothread. :D

    And pleased to know the issue with some legacy Poser IK chains is fixxed in a test beta update of DS 4.12, since someone on another forum I'm on was complaining of an issue with an old Poser IK chain crashing his DS.


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