aniBlock Importer for Poser won't install

Hello, I purchased the aniBlock Importer for Poser. It say's I have to manually install the script but when I try to open it I get an error and it say's it will not open. I'm using an IMAC 2020 and poser 12. I read online that poser 12 is compatible. Does anyone know what steps I need to take?


  • Poser 12 cannot use compiled Pythin scripts (.pyc) from older Poser versions as it uses a newer Python engine. If the importer is a Python tool that will be the problem.

  • MartirillaMartirilla Posts: 173

    Those with Poser 12 (or now, the new version 13) are best advised to also have a copy of Poser 11 on their PC, to handle this sort of eventuality. The various versions of Poser can co-exist quite happily. Though the cost of also getting Poser 11 has just this week increased, regrettably (Poser 11 was $52 for a long time at Renderosity, and now the cheapest is $80 via Bondware/NeoWin). But having both installed is the best option. Note that DSON imports can be done in Poser 11, then opened in Poser 12. However, they are not then useful in Poser 12 - try to re-pose or move the figure and things start to go haywire with the figure. I would assume that AniBlock would not have such problems.

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