8 Daz Tokens i earned gone after ordering a free product

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Dear Daz3D Team,

i´am very sorry but today i have to criticize one lousy mesh !

So the last days i earned 8 Daz Tokens for ordering the new orc bundles, which would be still valid for the next 3 days. Well today when i looked into the shop, i saw that the "Medieval Cages" product was just for free. So i deleted the "Magic room" product i had prepared for ordering with my 8 Daz Tokens, but still wanted to wait for some other new products which will maybe come out the next day, from the order summary and hit the Proceed button to save and get the free product for my account.

Well okay i missed to delet the 8 Daz Tokens, which were probably still activ with the order, and probably the order system makes not a difference in this case when the product is free.
Anyway this is not okay and i´am feeling some kind of fooled that 8 Daz Tokens i am earned are gone for a free product now. 

So in this case i won´t buy the new "Magic room" product of course and in future thinks twice before i order something in generall again.       

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    DAZ doesn't read the forums. You need to file a customer service ticket to get this resolved

  • Thanks for the Information Michael ! So i just wrote them via Customer service ticket again. 

    Thank you very much and best regards

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    Moved to Commons as it's not a product suggestion.

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