April 2023 - Daz 3D New User Challenge - Open Render Challenge

New User's Challenge - April 2023

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Are you new to the 3D World? Are you at the beginning stages of learning 3D rendering? Have you been around for a little bit but feel you could benefit from some feedback or instruction? Have you been around awhile and would like to help other members start their creative journey? Well then come and join the fun as we host our newest render challenge.

As with the previous months, we are breaking down each month into 2 different challenges. A Beginner Challenge and then also an Intermediate Challenge.

So which "Challenge" should you choose?

Follow the Beginner Challenge if you are:

  • New to the New User Challenges
  • New to Daz Studio
  • Newer to 3D Rendering in General

Follow the Intermediate Challenge if you have:

  • Participated in the New User Challenge for awhile
  • Know the basics of Daz Studio and would like to learn more in depth topics
  • Been using 3D Rendering Applications for awhile and feel comfortable with learning Intermediate Topics

*Please don't forget to note in your post with your render whether the image is for the beginner or intermediate challenge, and to also mention which of your new skill set(s) you used in creating your image!*

"Open Render Challenge"

The Open Render Challenge is also referred to as a "free" month, where you can concentrate on using and combining the skills you learned in the past few challenges.

If you would like to review the previous topics and information you can find the topics/threads here:

We will be checking in as will the rest of the Community Volunteers to try and help with anything you all may need.

For a list of the current challenge rules, please see this thread: Challenge Rules


Closing Date: April 30th, 2023


  • Here's version A of my project for this month.


    Given that I plan to focus on lighting and composition primaraly on this I would say this would be more for the beginner side of things.  If I can work some advanced posing in I'll do so.

    1280 x 720 - 535K
  • HLEET_3DHLEET_3D Posts: 172
    edited April 2023

    Intermediate challenge

    Title : You are under arrest

    softwares used : daz3D + nikcollection 

    2625 x 3000 - 5M
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  • Here we are with version B.  I went and added my main character coming through the door that I opened in the background, did some more texture work, and tried to tweek the lighting some.  I also tried to tweek the positioning of the source of the shadow on the floor to see if I could also get a shadow from it cast on the wall as well without the viewer seeing the source itself.

    1280 x 720 - 546K
  • Alias52Alias52 Posts: 285

    I like the improvement with the door opening. I would like to have my eye drawn more to the character than the wall to the left. Have you thought about trying a light in the corridor he has just left? Would be a chance for some good rim lighting. I love the way you keep working away at these. I run out of time and wish I could do more of these.

  • I can't look at it right now given that I'm about to head in to work, but I'll try to remember tonight after I get home.

  • Version C rendered and uploaded.


    I went with a fire in the room that my character has exited to try for some rim lighting.  I had the overheads lit like the ones in the corridor sence I want it to feel like the main power to the building isn't working right if at all like in the Fallout universe.  The reason that the emergancy light down the hall on the left causing the shadow we see on the floor is brighter is that it's on a seperate power supply that is still working somewhat, maybe located in the basement or somewhere llike that so it was shielded from what messed up the main power supply.

    1280 x 720 - 569K
  • HLEET_3DHLEET_3D Posts: 172
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    Intermediate challenge

    Title : Happy girl at the beach

    software : daz3D

    2438 x 3000 - 5M
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  • Aki3dAki3d Posts: 142

    Pirate King

    intermediate challenge

    Daz Studio

    It's all about light and mood!


    pirate king.jpg
    1920 x 1920 - 2M
  • apprenticeapprentice Posts: 63
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    Title: The Mechanic

    Level: Beginner

    Software: DAZ Studio/ Photoshop

    3840 x 2160 - 5M
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  • Got version D here, ment to post it earlier.

    I went giving my character some backup gear that can be seen with his shadow, and tried to  tweek his positioning so he's close to the intersection.

    1280 x 720 - 569K
  • Aki3dAki3d Posts: 142
    edited April 2023

    the villain

    daz studio


    Modifying characters with blender's sculpting function is my main interest in the moment.

    Creating the scar in the face of the rat and the full body morph for the kitten was easyer than the controle of dForce hair in DS,

    Slowly I'm getting an idea, what all the parameters under "simulate" are doing.

    1828 x 1828 - 1M
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  • Alias52Alias52 Posts: 285
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    Railyard Renegade



    Had my first play with Gen 9 and went back to my Cyber happy place. Oh dear lord, do I have too many Cyberpunk items!!!

    Considering reducing/changing colour of light onto her face. Thoughts?

    Also, still unable to attach files and using the upload to gallery workaround but it is suboptimal for WIPs. Anyone know any reason it just says uploading interminably and does nothing?

    Aki - Loving the creepy characters. Awesome job!

    Shinji - Once again loving the subtle and steady improvements.

    Hleet - I especially liked the beach character because of the pose. It felt more natural.

    Apprentice - Love the lighting in this! 

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  • I give you...


    I completed this render today. I'm new to the DAZ challenges! So beginner. Was just playing with Sean Robertson's Enterprise Bridge and then wanted to see how Emotiguy looked in "the chair" -- turns out I thought he looked pretty good. Then I wondered what it would look like if AI's really were taking over the world! Something like this. Ha! I was surprised by how much of a "story" and character I could convey with very little outright storytelling. I guess I can thank the context for that!

    I used all the disciplines:
    - Composition/Instancing & Duplication (at least, I think, I duplicated the Node Heirarchy)
    - Lighting/Light Effects (emissives and point lights)
    - Posing/Posing II (trying to capture characters with their poses, like the communications officer shushing everyone)

    Just with the poses I felt the characters got captured. And then the glove color as compensation for the uniform color. I was proud of it! Hope you all like it.

    Thanks, BDR-Zeus3D

    2000 x 2000 - 1M
  • Alias52Alias52 Posts: 285

    Haha! I like that. Those emotiguys work well there!

  • Alias52 said:

    Haha! I like that. Those emotiguys work well there!

    Yay! Thanks much! 

  • DAZ_ann0314DAZ_ann0314 Posts: 2,820

    Everything is looking great so far. Im really enjoying seeing on the entries for the Open Challenge this month heart

  • aprilshowers2065aprilshowers2065 Posts: 713
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    The Answers You Seek Are Here

    Intermediate Challenge

    Last minute entry since I've been busy. Love everyone's work so far! 

    The Answers You Seek Are Here3.png
    1661 x 1958 - 6M
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  • Alias52Alias52 Posts: 285
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    Eleniel's Back



    Been away for work, but wanted to get another entry done this month. Basically, this is the return of a character I have been using since I started. With the addition of a few extra bits, I hope I have done her justice.

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  • DAZ_ann0314DAZ_ann0314 Posts: 2,820

    April 2023

    Showcased Participants for the April Open Render Challenge (Beginner)

    Composition by BDR-Zeus3D


    Composition by apprentice


    Composition by Shinji Ikari 9th


    Showcased Participants for the April Open Render Challenge (Intermediate)

    Composition by aki3D


    Composition by Alias52


    Composition by aprilshowers2065

    Composition by HLEET_3D

    CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!! You all did amazing this month! heart

  • Thank you! Congrats everyone wink

  • Aki3dAki3d Posts: 142

    Thank you and congrats!

  • HLEET_3DHLEET_3D Posts: 172

    Thank you 

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