Generic morphing Genesis 2 shoes for autofitting v4?

I've been experimenting, based on a comment made by Kyoto Kid, with using the MFD as a..form for fitting v4 clothes to G2F. I've only done a little testing, but so far the results are very promising in getting dresses on G2F without the @#[email protected]#!# divot.

I don't know if it's the MFD itself that makes this work, or if it could really be done with any native G2F outfit.. KK said MFD, so I'm trying MFD.

That said...I've moved onto wondering if there was a shoe with similar properties (whatever they are) to MFD that could be used as a fitter object for V4 shoes.

One of the biggest problem I run into with autofitting shoes is that the front of the shoes conform to each toe, so you get something more akin to those ridiculous glove shoes rather than a nice boot.


  • I doubt it will work, but have you tried any of the bodysuits? 

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    I have not tried any body suits.. which were you thinking of?

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    Two of the problems with autofitting shoes aren't really problems that can be dealt with by a different/better clone (unless you find one with similar geometry that includes the heals).  The first is a simple fact of the are going to not match close enough and will be squished into the closest fit, no matter what.  The second is more of a position thing...there needs to be changes to the way the shoes are aligned.  This one is easily fixable...if you don't mind scrapping any morphs that are already in the shoe.  You can just export it as an obj and then start from if it were a brand new shoe.

    Actually, that does cure a lot of the woes with shoes...just starting over and using the transfer utility, treating them as if they were new shoes, instead.  The downside of rerigging them, as I said, is scrapping any/all already included morphs.  There is also the need to make custom morphs, usually fitting ones, for the newly rigged items.

    But, yes, there is a chance that using a closer match shoe that is already set up for the figure, of getting a better autofit...just don't think that any one shoe will solve everything or that it will be perfect.  Only doing the rigging from scratch will have a hope of that.

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    I haven't found the obj->transfer utility method to be very good.

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    I never tried transferring shoes using a bodysuit but figured why not? I used the Ultra-catsuit made by the 3D Wizard (here in store). I fit the Idler168 4-inch pump to the suit, it transferred over almost flawlessly. Wow. 

    Then I used the technique laid out by I think SickleYeild to fit it properly to G2F. I fit it to nothing, i moved G2F's leg and foot around until it fit inside the shoe, then I selected nothing. Then, in this order, I selected G2F and CTL-Clicked the shoe. With both selected, I used the EDIT->Rigging->Transfer Rigging (Figure Space) to adjust the bones to fit G2F.  Holy cow, look at this transfer! I never got anything close to this clean before.  Pretty enthused.


    G2F In V4 Pump.jpg
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    So you transfered the v4 shoe to the suit, then you did it again with the other method to place over?

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    Yes, I fit it to the suit and then when I unfit it, it was offset so I had to move the leg and foot around to get it inside the shoe and then did the transfer rigging, then it fit just about perfectly.  Don't know why the fitting to the suit didn't warp it like fitting it to G2F directly does. Cool. This style of shoe was never produced at Idler168's quality for G2F (IMHO) and I did fit it previously to V4 and and went through the same proces (transfer rigging after autofit) to make it work but the heel got all broken the toe was warped badly and it was only really suitable for distance shots. I'm pleased to see this work so well. I may try another Idler168 shoe set and and see how it goes.  If it works, I'll post more results.  Maybe even a step-by-step wallkthrough of the process.


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    Finished the pair, admit I smoothed it a tad in Z-Brush but not much. I think it works really well! Will do one more pair tonight to see if it's a fluke.

    G2F Final Pump Pic.jpg
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    Idler168 Slingback pump for V4 and Idler168 Candy Sandals on G2F, this time without any Z-Brush work done, just the raw conversion.  Not a fluke!

    Here is a better sequence, not that I did it three times.

    1) Fit the suit to G2F (not sure if this is necessary but I did it)

    2) Fit the shoe(s) to the suit, you have to use the Unsupported Figure option.  The shoe will transfer perfectly, but offset.

    3) Unfit the shoe. Move the legs and feet around until the fit inside the shoe perfectly.

    4) Fit the shoe to G2F, you will again need to use "Unspupported" as source figure. It is a mess.

    5) Unfit the shoe, it should pop back to the perfect state and right back in the right spot.

    6) Select nothing THEN select G2F THEN CTL-Click the shoe.  It has to be G2F first, then the shoe.

    7) In the scene tab, use the dropdown to go to Edit -> Rigging -> Transfer Rigging (Figure Space).  It looks like nothing happened.

    8) Fit the shoe to G2F again. Wow, it's almost perfect! Save it as a figure/support asset and you are done.

    Maybe other suits work, maybe it even works just fittig directly to G2F with Unsopported as source figure instead of V4, I don't know. But I'm really happy with the results using the Ultra Catsuit by The 3D Wizard. Really glad I bought it!


    Idler168 Shoe Conversions.jpg
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    Thanks for testing out and tutorializing my theory! :)

    (I don't have that suit so I'm gonna try with some stuff I do have. maybe the retro sci foot suit, though it's feet are "ninja" so that's a problem.. maybe some stocking might work..

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    Ok.. I'm trying Grinche's procedure with  Indoor Shoes for G2F. (I was trying to find something that anyone/everyone might have..though this is a xmas future folks won't).


    So far, it's ppromising.

    To Grinch: 3) Unfit the shoe. Move the legs and feet around until the fit inside the shoe perfectly.  What all do you move to get it to "fit".  leaving the body at 0,0,0 and just like moving thigh and down?  I could get close, but i wound up with the leg in the boot at a not right angle (pic).  Or did you move the boots any?



    Screenshot 2015-09-24 22.27.56.png
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    I tried moving the shoe...didn't work.

    So I went again...different shoes with much success.

    I did find for the final step, it looks better if I fit it to the indoor shoes (pic 1), rather than g2f. (pic 2) which gets some distortion around the pinkie toe.

    An added benefit, and this might be because of the indoor shoe's ignores movement of the toes, so ..acts like a shoe, rather than when fit to g2f, if the toes move, the shoe distorts (locking the shoe's toes ->down does nothing).

    So I'm now going to set up the right boot, and see what happens if I save the 2 boots and the Indoor Shoes as a wearable preset.


    Screenshot 2015-09-24 22.54.05.png
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    Screenshot 2015-09-24 22.54.37.png
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    Screenshot 2015-09-24 22.55.11.png
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    Yes.. we're beyond SY's tutorial as I've found it gives unsatisfactory results (at least on anything that are chunky boots at least).


    Contnuing with my earlier try, it DID work saving the Indoor Shoes with the boots attached, BUT, when that was loaded onto a fresh figure, it would still suffer the toe distoriton, so I removed the Indoor Shoes and fit the boots to g2f and just live with the slight distortion in pic 2 above.

     Now, to see if I can figure out how to convert the material "posed" for the boots to Duf.

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    Shoes/Heels: A lot of plane shoes autofit very well. Some heels or thick sole boots have problems. From generation 4 there are two cases:

    Non-offset: SY A Reminder on Autofitting Shoes to Genesis 2 or 3

    Offset: Non-offset + GiGi_7 Tip

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    I will try your version GIGI...though off hand, I'm not seeing where you deal with the offset problem. And I'm not sure what you mean by Left Heel, since both left and right are problems.

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    Scavenger said:


    So far, it's ppromising.

    To Grinch: 3) Unfit the shoe. Move the legs and feet around until the fit inside the shoe perfectly.  What all do you move to get it to "fit".  leaving the body at 0,0,0 and just like moving thigh and down?  I could get close, but i wound up with the leg in the boot at a not right angle (pic).  Or did you move the boots any?


    Never move the shoe. Instead move the foot and legs. If you need to you can bend the thigh or move it side to side to get the foot within the shoe, then you move the foot around to position it precisely. I've found that sometimes the shoe is too small to get the foot in perfectly, In those instances I've used a "foot for shoe" morph I have from V4 (using GenX) to shrink the foot a bit, just to get the foot aligned just right.  Then, once it's lined up just right, do the transfer rigging.

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    Yeah.. found that with the ankle boots above..those worked good with my plan..(just need to figure out how to convert the materials)..

    I'm trying the boots with Steampunk Lovelace Clothes ....which are very high heeled...I can get them so the "foot" part works well, but the part at the top with the buckles and gears get very warped...

    These might just not transfer..or they might need more tricks than I've tried so far.


    Screenshot 2015-09-25 15.09.08.png
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    This seems to be the issue I'm hitting on some of these...the first fit leans the shoe back.. but it's looking if I x rotate G2F for the fit that'll work...I'm wondering if translating G2F X or Z to position it right wouldn't bother the final product...might have to experiment.

    When the finished boot loads , to get it flat on the ground, the bending warps the top..that's the problem needing fixing right now :!

    Screenshot 2015-09-26 10.19.55.png
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    Screenshot 2015-09-26 11.21.16.png
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    Screenshot 2015-09-26 11.21.16.png
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    Ok, here's where the actual problem is...when I do the fit of the ankle boots to the shoes I'm using for a base, it's actually bending the shoe...

    The red is an origianl loaded one.  The blue is the autofitted one, rotated to being flat on the ground. , so that bend is what needs to be avoided somehow..

    Screenshot 2015-09-26 21.37.42.png
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