Daz scene suddenly crashing as soon as I render

I've been using the same scene for several days (with a G8 and G9 figure in a room) and it's behaved perfectly until today.  I haven't added anything to the scene, just moved the characters around a bit, and today the whole program shuts down about 3 seconds after I hit render.  The log file tells me nothing... all the image files for the textures load and then nothing.

I've tried removing unneeded items, lights, etc... but to no avail.  I've even tried deleting the characters one at a time and recreating them, but that doesn't seem to help.  Any suggestions?


  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 1,564

    When you say the log file tells you nothing do you mean that there is nothing posted right before Daz shuts down? It might be worth attaching it to the thread incase someone can spot something in there that you missed which points to the culprit.

  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 9,158

    Common causes have been running out of RAM and/or drive space

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