LIE custom tattoos showing up faint and translucent.

I'm trying to add script tattoos to my character using the LIE editor and photoshop. I successfuly added tattoos to my pale character after I turned the translucency weight on the skin all the way down. I have another character that has tanned skin by default and I would like to keep the skin tan. When I place my text png layer on top of the skin layer, the text is very faint and translucent looking. The LIE mode is set to Source Over on the Base Color diffuse map. 

Thank you for any advice.


  • NorthOf45NorthOf45 Posts: 5,208

    Try adding the tattoo to the Translucency channel, too. What is happening is that the tanslucency is bleeding through because it has not been masked out for the tattoo.

  • Wow. I've been sitting here for hours trying to figure this out. lmao. Thank you very much.

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