How to fit G8F shoes to Leyna? (Solved)

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I bought the Leyna for G8M model on sale, and with the PayPal discount. Nice model. Amazingly enough, most G8F outfits autofit quite well. Smoothing modifiers help too. Shoes are a disaster. Any G8F shoes autofit to the figure come up in the wrong place relative to the foot. Is there a simple fix for that, a script perhaps? Known issue?

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    Known issue. Shoes are usually stuck with the figure they were designed for, especially heels. You could try exporting as OBJs and trying to refit and rerig them to the male figure with transfer utility.

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    I think I discovered the secret incantation. I used the Angel's Secrets heels, which are fairly extreme (and great looking). Go ahead and let autofit do its mischief. Select the person (Leyna), then CTRL-select the shoe figure. Then run Edit > Figure > Rigging > Tranfer Rigging. With a few minor adjustments, this makes it a lot better. Some poses will need adjustments, some won't.

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