WCIF... Multirole/multifunction/multipurpose hair?

OK, so my figures tend to be in various settings doing various things - not exactly a 1-and-done type of thing. Hair, for the most part, is pretty much set for a certain style or function. That basically leaves a case of using one set of hair for all occasions regardless if it fits, limiting that figure's appearances to select situations, or trying to attach several different sets of hair to that figure and hoping that the textures and colors match for consistency's sake. Or just use short hair all the time for its added versatility, but long hair suits some figures and situations as well.


Is there any hair that can be worn long/down, short/up, formal, or casual? Or a package that can achieve that with some sort of visual consistency? I'm fine with kitbashed hair if that works. I'm still using G8F (holding out until G10 or later).


  • FSMCDesignsFSMCDesigns Posts: 12,555

    the OOT hair products textures look pretty much the same, you you should be able to use various products and the look not be to far off.

  • I invested in hair shader packs precisely because of this. There are quite a few great ones in the store, and they sometimes can improve the textures of a hair you got that works well at a model level but doesn't quite look right.

  • xyer0xyer0 Posts: 5,679

    I changed my main character from a redhead to raven-haired just to avoid the continuous colour discrepancies---even using mainly OOT hairs, a few of the G9 versions of which don't include black!

    Hair shaders are the way to go, but they don't solve every issue.

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