RTX iray vs iray

If this has been discussed already my apologies and just point me to where I can see.

Can anyone post daz iray figure renders with RTX on vs regular iray?

Is there a difference?



  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 9,599

    What do you mean with RTX Iray vs regular Iray? There is just one Iray, ok it has changed over the years but...

  • The RTX features on newer/swankier nVidia cards can be used by iray to speed the process of rendering, and must be emulated on older cards (taking a chunk out of the available memory). It's the same Iray, though, regardless of the hardware.

  • beyonder2k9beyonder2k9 Posts: 116

    maybe im thinking of ray tracing?

  • That isn't something that Iray has two versions, with respect to. Are you thinking of Interactive and Photoreal modes?

  • Matt_CastleMatt_Castle Posts: 2,379

    Iray is always a ray tracing engine, but since the version of Iray in Daz Studio 4.12, it has been built to use the RTX cores on newer cards in order to improve rendering speed.

    If you've heard about "RTX Iray" vs "non-RTX Iray", that is the difference - there's no different modes, there's just different versions of the Iray engine. If its DS 4.11 or earlier, it's Iray from before it was rebuilt to use RTX. Since then, it's a version can get a speed boost from RTX cards.

    (A key thing to understand about "RTX" is that ray-tracing existed before that, but that's when cards started to be built with specialised processors to make it faster, to the point that it was actually then possible to consider doing it at video game frame rates. Indeed, there are drivers that can let some GTX cards use ray-tracing options in games, the frame rate is just terrible).

  • kervalakervala Posts: 184

    I wonder if we can use post-denoiser without a RTX card or even just with CPU :)


  • kervala said:

    I wonder if we can use post-denoiser without a RTX card or even just with CPU :)

    Yes, you can use a non-RTX card -  though memory may be an issue due to the need to also emulate the RTX features. However, the denoiser does require a GPU to be rendering (and takes some more resources from it).

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