Old Interrogation Room seem low quality ?



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    This is something I see in a lot of environments. The textures just do not hold up. While the wire mesh is obvious, I bet if you zoom in just a little bit on the wall or floor you will see the compression and/or low resolution of the textures. Or just make a large render. I like to render over 4k, and there really are not a lot of Daz products that work at such resolutions. I don't even consider that high resolution.

    Sometimes I can use Gigapixel AI to upscale textures, or help reduce the compression. But most of the time it doesn't work. This is why I always get frustrated at the people who whine about Genesis 9 having a few 8k textures. It is very easy to reduce or compress a texture or do it wholesale if the customer thinks the textures are too much for their computer to handle. But it is quite a chore to overcome the opposite problem of a bad quality texture. Often times these products have complex UV maps where many surfaces are shared on a few textures. So applying a different shader preset on the surface may not help, either.

    Like in this product, I bet that door shares textures with the rest of the wall. So if you try to change the door texture, you also change the wall or some other part of the room you do not want to change.

    But hey, this room might fit on your 2GB GPU for rendering, so why are we complaining? Making this into an 8k texture would never fit on their computer anymore. Who is even going to notice unless they render up close over 1080p? Not to mention the extra space that must take on their hardware, we just can't have that. Sorry I just have to rant a little bit because it is really getting on my nerves. But they are why we get products like this.

  • Thanks for the comment on this one. We should improve a lot and side by side to our modelers. 

    Sorry we dont read much in forum nowadays but we're glad that we encounter this. Every comment is appreciated and hoping to improve more for our work.

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