Ready to render scene is radically different from the screenshots on the DAZ store

Hi everyone,

I am working with this:

I have loaded the Ready To Render scene, lights, render settings and hit render.
This is what I get
The image with the lady is from the store page ... the other is my render.
Am I missing something?



1300 x 803 - 2M
1300 x 1000 - 1M


  • Possibly ToneMapping, though that should usually be saved with the scene.

  • PadonePadone Posts: 3,520
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    Or may be the asset is using ghost lights that don't work anymore in studio 4.21. If we look at the product information this is rather old and never updated.

    p.s. Actually 4.21 breaks all the assets in the shop using emission, unless there's an update. It also breaks decals. To me it is unbelievable how DAZ let this happen. Since they're well aware, at least they should have a "known issues" list for major things like this, instead of the user having to search the forum.

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  • crosswindcrosswind Posts: 5,100
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    Indeed~ I ever bought this product but haven't seen any update from the author for the ghost light in the scene.
    Suggest you follow this thread to update the ghost light by using latest Daz Studio public build:

    Just use Method A to update the parameters of the node 'IGEC Chandelier Light' and tweak its position a bit. The ghost light will be back~


    2560 x 1400 - 4M
    2560 x 1400 - 4M
    2560 x 1400 - 4M
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