Beginner question: Change Color of clothes

Hello, I m new to DAZ and bought the product "S3D Fitness Clothes for Genesis 8 Females":

In the description it says that you can change the material colors. But how exactly does that work? There are different material zones, but when I change the base color, it always looks different from the other zones.

Thanks for your help. :-)


  • In general, since this was asked in the Daz Studio forum, the Surfaces pane lets you edit materials - with the item selected you can then select oen or more of its surfaces in the Editor tab and make modifications. that is how the product you link to is working - it has multiple surface groups that can be selected and then you can adjust their Base Colour to change the hue without modifying other properties.

  • Thanks for the answer. Yes I found that "base color". But because of the color in the material it changed not to the color I want. There are some different materials in the "Base color" option. Should I change that?

    Thanks again.

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