3D Printing License for Derivative Content

According to this page, you can sell up to 20 prints if you purchase a 3D printing license for a given product, but what about derivative content of your own creation that utilizes elements from several products?

Example: you use the Genesis 8 base mesh, then a texture from another character, clothes from another, then you sculpt more details in Zbrush, add new textures and items of your own, remesh and/or retopologize the entire thing, so that the topology and UVs are suitable for 3D printing, and bake a new texture from the combination of the previous ones, for machines that can output color.

The new product bears little resemblance to its original constituents and wasn't derived from a single origin product. How does the 3D printing license applies now?


  • Derivatives would fall under the same terms as the original, though I thought the revised 3D licenses 9the one that costs $1.99, though yous should hav it already for your older Daz original content) had no numeric limit.

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,842

    Have you licensed all the parts you are using?

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