How long does "Adding frames to movie" take while rendering animation?

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Hi, I am new here.

I tried rendering a scene of 3 sec animation to mov. file, it worked fine, then I continue the same scene for another rendering of 4 sec animation, it worked fine.

After that, I took a test, to render the same continues scene ( which actually is a slowly zoom out scene ) for more than 30 secs ( from frame 240 to 1299 ).

Maybe because of the night scene with all the lights and shadows and props in the scene, and the length of course, the rendering time is epic.
It's been 3+ weeks, and this afternoon the rendering is basically shown done, but at its stage of " Adding frames to movie" , from what I saw in the little window, seems that the progress has been stopped at the 11% of this "Adding frames to movie " final stage of this lengthy rendering.

From the last time I checked, 6 p.m. till now 10:30 p.m., it is still at 11% . I'd be happy and relieved if it says 12% because that at least shows it is working. Now I am not sure if it is crashed or what, should I cancel this altogether and move on to start all over for another scene?

Can anything tell me if this is normal, and everything will be fine when I wakes up in the morning? Or is this a nightmare?



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    that sounds like a nightmare to me! :vampire:
    you must have massively high render settings!
    never render an avi or mov file for a start
    (hypocritically I am actually doing one in studio now but it will take half an hour at the most so no loss if I need to abort it)
    render to image sequence then open in virtualdub, (or your favourite video editor that imports image sequences) change the framerate add your audio and save as an avi.
    if you interupt an image sequence you still have images, avi you lose the lot.
    that said, my longest video EVER! (yes it was an image sequence) took about 50hours and yes it was in studio, I prefer Carrara though.
    try using only one light and keep your settings low, avoid transmaps.

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