Re-installing after a PC Crash and Now Missing Files [Resolved]

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After re-installing the latest version of DAZ Studio after my PC crashed, I find my Genesis 9 Starter Essentials files and my Genesis 8.1 files are missing. Strangely, both DAZ Central and DIM report them as installed. The Smart Content and the Content Library do not agree. Has anyone any ideas what is going wrong? Thanks to all.

DAZ3D must unravel DIM, DAZ Central, and the installation and re-installation of DAZ Studio and its assets.

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  • That sounds like mis-matched paths. Daz Central and DIM both use the Manifests folder to tell them what is isntalled, and where - Daz Studio doesn't look at that as it doesn't have the same information 9and would probably be slower to access) and anyway some items may be installed but not in an active content directory. Check that Daz Studio is looking in the location to which you installed the Genesis 8 Starter essentials.

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