Adjusting bones on a new DIY morph

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I am playing with making some morphs on Blender using Obj files. I am importing them back into Daz using Morph Loader Pro. In general, is working ok for small local changes.

But I have an issue with a figure I am making taller than the original by stretching the legs. When applying poses it is pretty obvious that I need to update the bones in the legs.

I am following a process that only uses exported Obj objects directly. Not using either Daz to blender bridge or the Diffeomorphic add-on. My base figure is 8.1.

Here are two screen captures. The left is the sample of how much I stretched the legs compared to the 8.1 figure. The right image is the jelly leg I get after a simple posing inside Daz.

My question is Where I update the bone structure?

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