What's the best way to place and direct a wind node?

What's the best way to place and direct a wind node? I frankly don't understand why placing a wind node must be different from spot light or camera that provides the direct camera/spotlight view. Without such a functionality, it's time-consuming to place and direct the wind node. So I must ask the question.


  • If you want to use a camera to set direction of wind node, you can.


    1: Add wind node (options:- Apply Default settings)

    2: With wind node selected. Create:- Add new camera (options:- Copy Selected item:<dForce Wind Node>

    3: In scene tree, drag/drop the Wind node on to the camera you just created.


    The camera is now the parent of the wind node. You can view through that camera (move/rotate as you usually do), and the wind node will follow(as child to camera).





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    Or if your current View is a camera or a spotlight, Create - New dForce Wind Node with Apply Active Viewport Transforms:( )... in Options. Then make a parenting.

    Or if there're cameras, lights and wind nodes in the scene already, select a camera or a light, CTRL+C, select a wind node, CTRL+V ...

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  • Thank you @stem_athome and @crosswind,

    I will try it out.

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