Vinnuth Kriegor Battle Mega Armor Shoulder Pad Fur Material Issue

I am trying to apply the fur material texture on Vinnuth Kriegor Battle Mega Armor but for the life of me, it does not apply the color in render nor Iray preview. It just comes out white, meaning no texture has been applied to it.

I have managed to apply the boots fur shader via the Surface tab, and even when trying the same method for the shoulder pad just to be sure, it does not work the same way apparently.

One is a shader and the other one is a material, but neither method works for the shoulder pad fur.

Have you managed to apply the fur texture for the shoulder pad and if yes, how?


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    Both material presets and shaders work fine with no problem. In terms of shoulder guard,  select scene node BKC_Vin_RShoulderGuard, apply preset: BKC_Vin RShoulder Guard Red. For shader, select surface UV03ShoulderFur, apply shader BKC_Vin Boot Fur Blonde. Same steps apply to the boots. Both of the fur and its color could be seen in viewport and render preview.

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