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Hi, I just got my new system up and running, but it's OS is Windows 11. Daz studio itself works like a charm now when I'm actively working with it, but whenever I start a render and minimize Daz Studio to open a browser to read forums or do something else while waiting the render to finish, for some reason rendering seems to drop to CPU. As soon as I focus back to Daz studio again, GPU kick in and starts rendering again. I've never had this kind of behaviour with Windows 10. So anybody knows if there's any windows/DS settings I could use to keep using GPU for rendering while I'm doing something else?


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    Never had such a problem on my side~ There's no setting in DS in terms of OS~ What DS version do you use? And have you installed a beta version? You may use beta version to see if there's the same problem. Also suggest you use GPU-Z to observe VRAM controller load when switching between DS and browser~

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    No need to use any external program, since I can hear it when GPU stops rendering. I have a liquid cooled CPU so when GPU drops rendering it gets much quieter wink Basically this happens whenever I change focus out of Daz Studio, so it's not browser issue, but feels like new windows moves Daz Studio to background process and drops priority whenever it's minimized and then GPU stops working. My new rig is quite beefy so renders don't take long, but this is still quite annoying new feature... and like I said, I never had this with Windows 10 in my old computer either, but only now with new Window 11, so I assume this is Windows issue. I tried to google it, but can't seem to find anything related to this.

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    Oh, sounds like it'll be not easy for this trouble-shooting ~ Let's wait for almighty Richard come in here and give it a judgement. enlightened

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