So we getting a Skin Builder 9?

I'm just curious, cause I know Zevo is in the process still of updating all scripts to gen 9, (ie we already have breast control and i think shape shift), however I know many are waiting, myself included, if zevo is doing a skin builder 9.  I know we didnt get one for gen 8.1 cause the mapping was different, HOWEVER, the mapping in gen 9 is back to being the same as gen 3 and gen 8 so my question is, we getting a skin builder 9 then?  I plan on updating all my model to gen 9 once more things I need to update them. I know many people aren't til we get things like other necesseties (ie stuf from renderotica which we only have ONE thing atm which is breastacular).  But besides that, there are still needed geo grafts, scripts, etc we still haven't got updates too and I know many are being patient til that happens, again myself included.  I hope we are getting a skin builder 9 cause that is going to be a selling point I THINK for many if we can make our own textures and materials for genesis 9.  Why i skipped 8.1 cause I didn't feel like manually doing that crap myself.  I didn't have the time or patience for it.


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