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Looking at figures like V7, I see that the shaders are grouped by Nails, Skin etc. Is it possible to get a list of those groups and if so how?

Thanks in advance.


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    I think that this one is a feature of DAZ Studio 4.8 and as the SDK is still for old version I do not think that this can be accessed unless we get a new version of the API. Maybe I am wrong anyway.


    EDIT: the grouping also works for G2 figures also if I recall well.

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    Thank. I'll be waiting for the answer from the developers. I believe this is a topic of general interest as other developers will likely benefit from accessing the information.



  • Hi.

    There has been no reply about this yet. Is it possible to have an answer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you talking about the selection groups?

    And are you wanting to pull the list with a script or a call?

  • I program in C++ so I'd like to get the list of groups using the DS SDK.



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    I think they are a parameter in the dsf...

    Yes...they are called 'material_selection_sets'.

    So something to read/look for that parameter in the dsf should do it.

    "extra" : [				{					"type" : "material_selection_sets",					"material_selection_sets" : [						{							"name" : "Default Templates"						},

    That's what the part right before the list looks like.

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  • That is not what I need. Let's say that you run the program/plugin after an object is loaded. How do you know from which file it was loaded from? What I need to do i to read the shader informaition in memory, not on disk.


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    Without changing the shader (and most don't) it should match the default load...and yeah, there is a way to check that...I think Rob gave an example of how a while back (but without an effective way to filter the forum searches, it will be hard to find).  But that list of selection groups is tied to the dsf (mesh), not the can change the shader and the groups remain the same.

    My understanding of how they work is that they are sort of shortcuts (aliases) for the surfaces.  Just an 'easier' way to select them.

  • I understand the deal about the shader and how those groups are the euqivalent of "smart folders". I just want to scan the list of those groups and find their names.


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    They are tied to the mesh/object so looking in/at the shader isn't going to find them.  In the dsf they are right after the UV sets, before the material if you have something that can read the dsf or memory for the UV set, changing what is being looked for to 'material_selection_sets' (not sure of exact syntax to use) should find them.

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