Power of Z-Brush sculpting in Hexagon

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Ever wanted to sculpt like z-brush in Hexagon, but didnt know it where to start.
Well its hidden in plain sight. Checkout the videos to show a few tips on getting the sculpting features of Z-Brush in Hexagon.

Sculpting in Hexagon


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    Very handy, thank you for sharing :)

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    This is an incredibly good tutorial. I wish the author would do more Hexagon / Z-Brush howtos.

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    you should post that link in the tute sticky...


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    The Sculptris program, I think it is only a watered down Z Brush, has mirroring sculpting feature,
    Does Hexagon do this too? So when we do work on an obj, the same thing happens on the other side.

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    Sculpris was an independent project that Pixelogic bought out and continues to offer for free. I don't know if that stopped development on it or not tho?
    Symmetry works in Hex just as good as any app., It should work for this as well. If it doesn't there's no reason not to delete one 1/2 of the mesh and mirror that.

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    Symmetry yes.
    Simple test.
    Drag a sphere
    select the sphere
    under the properties tab select symmetry and choose the default X plane
    on the UV & Paint Tab choose Displacement Brush Tool
    Hold the shift key and move the brush over half the sphare to deform it, you will note that the other half deforms.
    This is the approach used in more complex objects to mold/model the surface

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    thank you,

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