Power of Z-Brush sculpting in Hexagon

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Ever wanted to sculpt like z-brush in Hexagon, but didnt know it where to start.
Well its hidden in plain sight. Checkout the videos to show a few tips on getting the sculpting features of Z-Brush in Hexagon.

Sculpting in Hexagon


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    Very handy, thank you for sharing :)

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    This is an incredibly good tutorial. I wish the author would do more Hexagon / Z-Brush howtos.

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    you should post that link in the tute sticky...


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    The Sculptris program, I think it is only a watered down Z Brush, has mirroring sculpting feature,
    Does Hexagon do this too? So when we do work on an obj, the same thing happens on the other side.

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    Sculpris was an independent project that Pixelogic bought out and continues to offer for free. I don't know if that stopped development on it or not tho?
    Symmetry works in Hex just as good as any app., It should work for this as well. If it doesn't there's no reason not to delete one 1/2 of the mesh and mirror that.

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    Symmetry yes.
    Simple test.
    Drag a sphere
    select the sphere
    under the properties tab select symmetry and choose the default X plane
    on the UV & Paint Tab choose Displacement Brush Tool
    Hold the shift key and move the brush over half the sphare to deform it, you will note that the other half deforms.
    This is the approach used in more complex objects to mold/model the surface

    800 x 500 - 134K
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    thank you,

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    I had searched manyh times for hexagon lessons and have never found one that didnt scare me, the scuplting video is so well done, I am sure I will be able to follow it without road blocks coming up and to make things twice as good the video was followed by this series 

    these 7 videos or so show how to use the geometry tools in order to model from primitives and it is also excellent!

    Did other people have their video followed by this series also?

    Had I come accross either person's videos a few years ago I would have been fluid in hexagon a ,long time ago, I am just reluctant to follow just any old video as every time I have tried I get stuck, if the author does not carefully show everything just great , the way these two have, then chances of me getting stuck are high, once I learn a program I can become very good at it, but if I dont have the proper instruction to begin with I just give up not being able to jump over the road blocks

    I recently learned to sculpt in Blender which was not hard at all with the help of ssomeone very good at it  

    But in my experince any morph for g8 made in blender, maya, 3ds etc etc blows up when apllied, only zbrush was consistent that it's morphs work fine in daz when applied< i dont have zbrush or ever tried to use it

    and I am confident with hexagon the morphs will load and apply just fine-

    so thank you very very much for posting this life changing hexagon scuplting video

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    You are correct, the morphs for Daz figures in Hexagon usually work without a hitch. Other applciations have matured over the years and have left Hexagon in the dust with the added features, Yet we return to Hexagon because of how far ahead it was for it's time. As of today you can still accomplish 90% of what you need in Hexagon, even the ability to use alpha brushes from other programs to perform very detailed sculpting and blending.

    If your intent is to get a job in the industry, you will have to learn the tools of the industry. If you intent is to work in Daz Studio environment and modify existing or build compatible models and assets, then learning Hexagon is valuable but, Blender as you pointedd out is a great tool to learn and has a lot to offer since it is a low or no-cost alternative to Z-Brush.

    There are a lot of video out there for Hexagon and Blender alike. The true industry accepted application still remains Z-Brush. While Hexagon is no Z-Brush (maybe infant z-Brush) it does offer a direct link into Studio and therefore holds its value to the end user.

    If you are truely interested in building morphs for Daz figures then learn the tool. Daz does have a Z-Brush link that conforms to the required parameters to produce proper morphs. Blender also has a plugin that meets the requirements.

    Look for us over at Digital Art Live and reach out and maybe we can create something interesting together.


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    If you are looking for basic / additional information about Hexagon, I did a short workflow description / tutorial about creating a little tower, first part modelling the mesh in HEX, the second part about UV mapping so that after transfer to DS an texture can be applied. Look over at Rendo in the freebie section for 'The Tower'

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