Making Clothes to Victoria 9 Shape - Marvelous Designer to Daz - Screenshot Tutorial

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Greetings.  I have posted a series of screenshots demonstrating one method to make a simple loose skirt designed for Victoria 9 and rigged for Genesis 9 more generally.  Intended to be DForced.  Used Marvelous Designer to make the skirt OBJ.

First post in the screenshot series begins here.

My screenshot tutorials are designed to be supplements for the various videos available, not substitutes.  I recommend threads by Mada, Bohemian3, and Jay Versluis for links to videos for this topic.

Even though this skirt was designed for Victoria 9's shape, here is the result for a G9 morphed as a mix of a male and demon without any V9 dialed up.  Reasonably happy with the drape result and with pattern not distorting too much during drape and pose.

082 ao abstract fabric applied.jpg
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