Day 1 - Outdoor Oven

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I've been trying to impove my modeling skills a bit lately and I decided to challenge myself to post a freebie every day until christmas. I've finally started to figure out how uv works (well, somewhat) and I'm trying to find a balance between quality and keeping the items as LoRez as possible. Still making mistakes, but it's a big improvement from the mess that my previous models were.

All of the parts here can be used separately. This will receive two updates later (a table of kitchen props and a set of poses for most steps of making a pizza).

The item comes with "interactive" lincese.

Already up on Renderosity.

1181 x 700 - 271K
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  • crpcrp Posts: 61

    Nice.  Thanks!

    I would love to build one of these IRL, wood ovens make food taste so much better.

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    I search all over for this Day 1, even under communities featured.  Only to find it under the normal freebies posted yesterday already.

    I thought it was Rendo's Christmas freebies but see now it's the creator's own Christmas freebies.


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    cute and great work

  • @crp Definitely, I thought about getting one a few times, but I always decided against it; I just know I'm too lazy to put in the extra effort, and after a few times it'd just end up unused.

    @launok Sorry, yeah, just a regular freebie. The official Rendo ones haven't started yet from what I see.

    @nonesuch00 Thanks!

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