Possible to make a FACE smaller?

Okay guys. Working on an alien species here and they're basically big Yeti looking things but I always pictured them with faces that looked small for their heads. Is that possible in any way at all??

I started with the chimp model and worked form there but it just looks too much like an Earth ape for my tastes. I want it to look really odd and somewhat unsettling.



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    A sculpting program like Hexagon could do that.

  • I think it would be easier to make the head larger than make the face smaller.

    And if you want to bring the face down in size, then you can just rescale the whole head to be smaller.

    This way your not going to be messing to much with how the face works.

    You probably can even do this with a few well placed deformers to enlarge the top of the skull.

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    I have a face smaller morph I've transfered it over from, I think, one Capsces sets using GenX.

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    Actually the V4.2 Morphs ++ have a facesize morph

  • dang. it's based on Genesis since that's what the chimp model is

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    I transfered them over using GenX,

    This is the chimp default load in with the Face Size morph diallled to make the face smaller.

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  • that might actually just work. how would I go about doing the same?

  • i believe there is a morph to do just that for genesis 2 i think it came with the creature creator bundle that and it had a premade alien with alien skin textures and its own shader settings

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    or was it genesis 1 i cant remember

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  • I still don't understand. My figure is based on Genesis 1 and I need to make the face smaller. How do I do that?

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    You make the individual facial features smaller.  There are morphs to adjust the size, width and height of the eyes, nose and mouth.

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    This will add FaceSize, FaceUpDown and FaceInOut morphs to Face/Universal/Real World

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    see attached

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  • hmm. added the files and restarted Daz...those options are not showing up. are you sure they're for regular Genesis and not just Genesis 2?

  • I just double-checked and the files are in the right place in the folder structure, just not getting the option.

  • oh...just figured it out. the Chimp figure is based on Genesis 2, not Genesis like I thought it was.


    is there any way to use those morphs on a Genesis 2 character?

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    thanks, I just tried this

    JoeQuick said:


    This will add FaceSize, FaceUpDown and FaceInOut morphs to Face/Universal/Real World

    and this is what I came up with, I pasted what dials I used in the image

    this was on Genesis



    small faceape thing.JPG
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  • Ok. Played around and I can't really get it like I want. I want a long neck that swoops up into an arch with a peculiarly small face on a normal sized head.

    That said I did make the eyes and jaw small and I think it'll do for what I want. I just didn't want them looking too gorilla/chimp-like.


    I present to you a Solidan Trooper. I'll be doing a Solidan Commander next and without the helmet you can see details better. Most of their kind dress in a much more tribal fashion but the basic soldiers wear a bit of armor to facilitate fighting more technologically advanced species. It's distasteful to them, but a necessity.


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  • Looks good!

    Only one suggestion that loin cloth would look better just loaded and parented to the figure and not autofitted which is causing it to stretch.

    But the character looks great :)  

  • Cool, didn't know I could do that. I will give it a try.

  • rendering out a 2000x3000 version of it right now with the corrected loincloth.

  • okay. think this is what I'm sticking with for the species design. not exactly what I had pictured in my head, but pretty close.

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    here you go, it didn't attach to the last message

    solidon data sheet.jpg
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  • i should have noted on the info sheet that the trooper has red eyes because he is equipped with cybernetic implants. normally their eyes are just solid black and they have a very vacant stare.

  • Very cool!

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