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Hey guys,

I'm confused.  As a relatively inexperienced Poser user I am trying to explore the options out there for figures and clothing.  I know about HiveWire's content having been moved to Renderosity.  Then there's Daz 3d.  I know there is a lot of good content at Daz 3d -- but I'm getting the feeling that the Daz 3d figures don't work in Poser.  Is this true or false?  I am a  set designer in the film industry and basically dress figures and pose them and then generate obj's of them that I then import in my 3d models.  Would the Daz 3d figures (Genesis, V4, M4 and whatever other figures may be out there) work well enough for my purpose?


Thank you, all. I really appreciate your reply.


  • Victoria 4, Michael 4, and their companions are Poser figures. Genesis was the first Daz Studio figure. Check the Compatibility and What's Included sections of the product page if in doubt - CR2, PP2, HR2 and so on are Poser-format files, .duf and .dsf are Daz Studio.

  • What about the Genesis figures? Do they work in Poser 12? Thank you.

  • I appreciate your patience with this but I just want to be sure: If you've got Michael 4, would the clothes available for Michael 5 work with it? And vice, versa: If you've got Michael 5, would any of the clothes made for the previous incarnations of Michael work with it?

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    demetriouca said:

    What about the Genesis figures? Do they work in Poser 12? Thank you.

    No.  There used to be an Importer for the Genesis 1 and 2 figures, but it does not work in Poser 12 so it is no longer supported...

  • No.

    Merging this with your other thread.

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    Victoria 4 and Michael 4 are very good Poser figures sold here at DAZ, with an incredible amount of content available.  Keep an eye out for Legacy sales; there was recently a 90% off sale on a lot of this content.  Buy at least the base and Morph++ packages for each. 

    If you have them, I could point you to improved weightmapped versions of each which give improved bending......

  • Oh, great. That's very encouraging.,

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