Installing on MacBook

I just bought a Macbook Air and I downloaded the "" to install.

When I double click it, I just get an error that says "The application cannot be opened"

Im pretty new to the Mac so I'm a little lost. Can anyone please help?

I also downloaded and installed the Install Manager and that installs Carrara but it doesnt install it in the Admin folder so I keep getting asked to run it as admin and it continually keeps asking for the password. For some reason, even after I give it the password, it wont open any of my Carrara documents.

I'm running Ventura on a M1 Macbook..

Can anyone please help? 


  • TotteTotte Posts: 13,644


    Carrara will not work on an M1 MacBook Air as it usesOpenGL (which has been depracated) and has not been updated to work on neither the M1, nor macOS > 10.



  • lakeivanlakeivan Posts: 9

    Just contributing today's weird experience: I had been resigned for a long time to the fact that I can no longer use Carrara, because it wouldn't work in Monterey on my M1 Mac Studio. I since upgraded my OS to Ventura 13.1, and (actually by mistake) opened Carrara, and it now works! A couple of things I tried are a little bit wonky, but if I just re-size the window slightly, for some reason this fixes whatever small problem I was having.

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 15,088

    Good news!

  • TotteTotte Posts: 13,644

    I guess Apple put something back then.

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