hi iam having alot of problems with animation!

why when i try to pose the character in the timeline the other character keeps moving on me ! Please help me with this ty so much


  • The other character? A screenshot might help honestly as I'm confused how a second character would move unless they're parented to the one you're moving. 

  • We need a clearer description of what is happening, though it may simply be that the Timeline applies to the scene not the character so as you shift the current time anything that has animation applied will change.

  • Yeah i am trying to do a camel clutch on the guy and as she grabs his arms his arms are already moving and they not parented and no keyframes ! Do you know why it would do that!


  • I have no idea without seeing it now because you can't really do constraints in Daz, so her grabbing his arm shouldn't move it without you telling the arm to move. You might have to show some pictures of your timeline, or a clip so we can see what's happening. 

  • His arms will move if they already have at least two keys (with different values) set.

    While IK is not as robust as it might be Daz Studio does have it, and aprentable IK targets which could be attached to the arms and dialled in oncethe hands had reached them.

  • lasagnamanlasagnaman Posts: 966

    Hi ok so how do I stop his arms from moving when I pose her thanks 

  • Well, you need to set the correct keys or use IK chains - what needs setting where will require observation and judgement, it isn't something for which we can just give a recipe.

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