Poser getting Cycles

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Looks like Poser will be getting its own PBR (physically based render-engine), currently code named SuperFly. It is Cycles, made famous by Blender. Nerd made the announcement today it seems.


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    At first I was like .....  ...... then I saw where Nerd3D said that it would be CPU only, with no support for GPU acceleration, and I was like .....  . It will still be a big plus for Poser to finally have native caustics and easily implemented accurate IOR, but without GPU acceleration it's not quite as attractive to me (your mileage may vary).

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    DustRider said:

     ...... then I saw where Nerd3D said that it would be CPU only, with no support for GPU acceleration, and I was like .....  .

    I suspect that after the users scream enough it will eventually happen.

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    Somebody elsewhere pointed out that GPU rendering can't be done with Cycles if Blender's strand hair is used, leading to speculation that the latter might be included within Poser...

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    I doubt that Poser is getting Blender's hair.  But the same 'restriction' probably holds true for Poser's existing hair.

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    I'm with DustRider. I speculated that SM was going to implement some sort of PBR weeks before the announcement. Leaving out the GPU functon is really a downer for me as well. If there aren't any major new features on Poser 11/pro 16, I'll probably skip the upgrade or until it gets to a lower pricing. I'm happy with my octane renderer and probably use the money for PP2016pro to upgrade to Octane 3. I'm guessing PP2016 probably retails at $495 and the upgrade probably at $295. With those prices, I'm expecting something of value in return.


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    Good for them! Cycles is a nice render engine. Does not sound like something that would make me give Poser one more try though : /

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    Poser costs $500 :O WoW ,,,, and the Daz store is basicly the only content for it?

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    DAZ is definitely not the only store selling Poser or DS content. There are other sites, like Renderosity, RuntimeDNA, Hivewire3D, Content Paradise, YURDigital, PoserWorld... (just to name a few).

    And there are also many sites providing freebie content for Poser or DS.

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