Looking for the "colonial viper" done by petipet

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Hey, all

Trying to take advantage of daz' current sale, I went to load up on stuff I've been waiting on. 
Howsomever, there's one model that actually was what drew my attention back to daz' poser 
offerings that I cannot find anywhere. petipet's the vendor, and the "starship" something 
looks like a Colonial Viper (although understandably we can't say that out loud :) ). But no 
matter what I search on (vendor, keyword, you name it) I can't find that model. Daz says I can't 
contact a vendor directly, so I'll just ask in the forum. Anyone else recall this model?

Many thanks!

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  • 31415926543141592654 Posts: 968

    Hmmm ... perhaps you mean the Aircraft Hawk ... that would certainly be difficult to search for.

  • Well, that's the one. Wouldn't've been so hard to find except that most of the other things are named

    "starship," not "airship." Go figure. :S



  • Peter WadePeter Wade Posts: 1,608

    It's called Aircraft Hawk but most of the promos show it flying in space. I think a lot of Sci-Fi style ship models can be used as aircraft or space craft.

  • wsterdanwsterdan Posts: 2,339

    I can never remember Petipet's product names, I just search for Petipet and scroll through his catalogue -- it's worth it, I'm always finding cool stuff of his that I've forgotten about or ways of using it that I  hadn't thought of before.

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