Daz command line applications and PostgreSQL

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I just got started developing with the SDK. One of my first attempts was adapting the SDK_SceneLoaderApp to a basic Hello World executable.

I noticed that the command line app connects to the PostgreSQL, and I have a glimmer of intuition that all this is handled by the Daz DLL. I'm certain that for now all the data I need is in the DUF; I'd like to avoid the overhead of the database service. Is there a way to disable the database component? (Assuming this make sense to begin with.)


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    Great. While users are usually looking for a solution to enable a lost PostgreSQL, on the SDK thread they are looking for a way to disable it. I don't know how to disable the PostgreSQL using SDK, but I do know that if you specify the wrong CMS location in the program settings, Postgre will be turned off the next time you start the Daz Studio. And you can test your plugin without it:

    Edit->Preferences->CMS Settings->Cluster Directory->"......."

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