July Freebie Challenge ☼ ☼Summer fun and Pin Ups.☼ ☼



  • LimunLimun Posts: 93

    Congratulations also from me...

  • IppotamusIppotamus Posts: 1,524


    Thanks so much.

    Now I can buy more freebies.


    Special thanks to the judges, always a torturous job I think.

    Well, Natsu has her picnic basket already. 

    It looks like we are ready for part 2.  :)

    Thanks again.

  • IppotamusIppotamus Posts: 1,524

    Oh, a quick question.

    The new rules say we should send our E-mail addresses to DAZ to claim our prizes.

    Any particular DAZ?


  • Sky77Sky77 Posts: 663

    Congrats everyone!!  Well done!laugh

  • Thank you for 2nd place and congratulations to everyone, winner or not! Now, I gotta go get my basket back from that bear...I'm taking a well deserved and long planned vacation back home to the mountains of Upper Eastern Tennessee so I'll be cut off from any on-line access until I get back. (and it's not because they don't have any on-line access, 'cause they do...it's just I don't plan on taking a computer or other device with me!) So, when I get back I expect to see lots of picnic renders just stuffing the forums! Or at least one or two...

  • selias19selias19 Posts: 250

    Congratulations to all winners.

  • ZamuelNowZamuelNow Posts: 753
    Congratulations to all and looking forward to future contests.
  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604

    All winners should have their store credit in their accounts now


  • Thanks for the honorable mention and congrats to the winners. It's a new month let's try it again!

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