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I just purchase the Tropical bundle, the download seems to be made for you to install the product in daz.. but how do you install in poser. 

what I have done so far, is unzip all the content in a folder, then I click on add library from poser, but all it seems to import is camera presets, not the content itself.

how do I install the content in poser.




  • You should be able to install with Install Manager - otherwise you need to merge the Runtiems from the zips with the Runtime in the Poser library you wish to use, which should put everything in the right place.

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    Install as normal in your Daz runtime. Open Poser, go to the Library, add the Daz runtime, allow time for indexing. If Poser thinks it can load Daz content, then it should all show up there in your Poser Library. Poser will also show figures that are G1 or G2 and might thus get into Poser through the DSON plugin (which is now Poser 11 only).

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    Tha above advice assumes there are no seperate Poser and Daz installer .ZIP files. If you see a 'manual install' button option for your purchases, you may get access to those. Also get the Poser CF files .ZIP if there (look at the .ZIP filename to identify Poser files), which helps Poser to understand some types of Daz content.

    Another way to distinguish between Daz and Poser installer .ZIPs is that Daz content will have a /data/ folder, something which Poser lacks.

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    Here's a worked example.

    1. You purchase, for instance, the "Steam House" at DAZ.

    2. You then follow the receipt's numbered link to your Product Library page for the purchase downloads.

    3. You see there three files for manual download, all labelled "Daz Studio".

    4. You look at the tiny grey filename for each, to identify what they actually are. (DS = Daz) (Templates = material templates) (Ps = Poser)

    5. Download, extract, install "DS" to your Daz Studio runtime as usual, along with a Poser "CF" is there is one. If you haven't already done so, point the Poser Library to your Daz content folder \Studio4\content folder - and then any content Poser thinks it can load will show up there in the Poser Library. If not, the content will be ignored. In that case we don't see a folder "Steam House" there, because the "Steam House" is a .DUF, but we might see it. Especially if there was a Poser CF .ZIP file for download.

    Install "as usual" here means: extract .ZIPs, merge all "content" folders and their sub-folders to create a single mega content folder, then merge this mega-content folder with the main \Studio4\content folder. Make sure you know what you're doing here, and check the sub-folder structure carefully before merging. Not sure what happens on a Mac, I don't think it has the very useful Windows copy-paste "merge and combine" operation?  Windows 10 or 11 may also throw a fit on trying such a things, at a guess, if there are very high security settings and the runtime is somewhere strange?

    Do all this very seperately for Poser .ZIPs and for DAZ .ZIPs, obviously. Never confuse the two types or merge them into the same mega content folder, or you'll end up with a huge mess. If you're going to be manually installing like this, then practice with a few .ZIP files first, until you get the hang of it and until you know what the sub-folder structures are meant to look like. As I said above, DAZ content folders nearly always have a data folder, and Poser ones do not. An easy way to spot if you've confused things with the .ZIP downloads.

    6. Now manually extract and install the "Ps" .ZIP to your Poser content folder.  Again, with multiple .ZIPs for different Poser content to install, you'd manually combine them together first and then have Windows merge with the main content folder you use for the Poser runtime. "Steam House" will then show up and can be loaded for Poser.

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