Import Genesis and other Models from DAZ3d into Poser 12 Demo

I run the Demo of Poser 12.

I am intererssted in the Talk and Walkdesigner.

I am not familiar with Poser, but is it possible to render a walk in Poser and export it into Cinema or DAZStudio ?

I try to import my Models from DAZ3d into Poser 12, but it seems not to work. How do i have to do it ?

Is the talkdesigner from r12 working with custom Models ? There was a Plugin for DAZStudio, where a Audio File was writing the Lipsmovement.

I cannot remember where it was posted on the Shop. I need the Link.

Can i export the Lipsmovement into a FBX or do i have to use a BHV ? And can Cinema use the BHV Files ?

If i render a walk in Studio and import it into Cinema i have to keep the Joints Original. But i use a whole different IK Setup. So i am restricted to the animations of Studio. If the Lipsdesigner works fine with all Models and i can export the Morphssettings of the Audiofile i could use it in Cinema.

What Files does the Designer use and export ?


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    It's probable that you can't import what you want - likely a Daz G8 female - from Daz to Poser 12 early access.  Poser 12 now uses Python 3 for scripting, and thus the DSON importer for Daz Genesis figures is broken in P12.  It still works in Poser 11, still available, but only imports easily for older G1 and G2 figures.

    If you're advanced enough to use Cinema 4D then you will likely have access to walk / talk options there. Cinema 4D forums will be able to tell you more about the ways to get a G8 Daz figure into C4D and make them walk and talk.

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  • I need help.


    I bought the Tiger Tutorial from c4dtutorials.

    There are two Part Files. How can i extract them ? 7Zip works, but one Volume is missing. RAR does not accept the Files. The Names are "tutorialtiger.part1" and "tutorialtiger.part2". Part1 and Part2 ending.

    I use Windows 10 latest update.

    Neither the Support or the Seller are answering my Mails. There are files extracted to the Plate, but only one Volume. I have to extract the Parts into C:\Tiger.

    How do i do it ?

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    Jenner, again... this is probably best asked on a C4D forum. C4Dtutorials appears to be defunct, but appears to live on as "C4DNetwork :: Die Cinema 4D Community" which is a large set of forums boards. You might usefully ask there. Or on Windows 10 forums, re: Win 10's recalcitrant file access permissions and the running of WinRAR correctly with multiple-part archive files.

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