Is there a way to export only the toon outline in Poser?

In the FireFly render settings, I can select Tool outline from the Render Over menu.  True to the name, this outline is added atop the render, after the render is complete. 

Is there any way I could export ONLY the outline and not the underlying render?


  • MartirillaMartirilla Posts: 173

    Yes, there are several ways to do this. 

    Search Google for the freebies "Poser - a toon outlines render preset for Firefly", and "Simple Python script to disconnect all bump maps". The first is just a Firefly preset to do exactly what you want. The second is an optimised Firefly preset to do the same thing (but much faster) together with a Python script that first disconnects all bump maps. Bump maps are what causes 95% of unwanted dots and specks on such line-art only renders. This will only work on characters that do actually have bump maps connected, and may not work in Poser 12.

    Once you have the lines as a render, they can be made more artistic in various ways. 1) Layer and blend with a b&w real-time Comic Book render made with lines only (search for the video: "3 minute tutorial: comic-book basics in Poser 11". 2) Run the lines through the free G'MIC's "Engrave" filter, suitably adjusted by you and saved as a custom preset. 3) Vectorise the lines in Studio Artist 5.5, and then transform them. 4) Import to graphics software and manually ink over the lines, using them as guides.

  • You shouldn't need to bother with shaders. I've had success with Firefly in Poser 11 using just render settings

    In the right hand options box, select only "Shadow only" and "toon outline"

    In the left hand quality controls, disable "Cast Shadows"

    This gets the renderer to only output shadows, of which there are none, before it draws the outline in your chosen pen. It is a bit weird the first time, as it draws a completely white image first :-)

    This works for me in Poser 11 (I didn't upgrade, for many reasons :-)), but it should work in newer versions. Leaving "shadow only" set may be useful for later toon work, as it will give you a head start on the lighting

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