Best way to handle dzScene->primarySelectionChanged() ?

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I've noticed that primarySelectionChanged() (and also nodeSelectionListChanged) gets triggered several times on a single select operation. I can see the nodes are selected and deselected and then selected again (alghough, for some reason node->isSelected() is always true).

What is the expected way to handle this event? I need to do some selection operations on the actual "scene->getPrimarySelection()", but the primary selection gets switched around in the process and I can't find a reliable flag to check.

I have tried to keep track of the selection stack, but I can't figure out a pattern, it goes from current to null to current and back again, and it gets worse when you select multiple nodes at once. There must be a proper way to handle it, any advice is very much welcome.

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    Some more experimenting and it seems that if I select nodes using the Viewport, each node selection event is fired once, but if I select it using the Scene tab (HierarchyPane) the node selection event is fired twice. I don't know if this is the expected behaviour but it is definitely a problem for what I intend to do.

    If I select a single node, I need to catch the node once all other nodes have been deselected, and if I select several, I need to get the list of nodes once all have been selected (as opposed to the nodeSelectionList growing on every call)

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