Need help for Talk designer

Im using Nybras the demon and I want him to talk but I cant find the file to load on the talk designer. Need help 


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    A lot will depend on what Poser rig is underneath the old Nybras head. He's old, which is a good start.

    Talk Designer: You are mostly limited to old Smith Micro figures, M4/V4 and also the new La Femme. There were once third-party "Talk Designer Expansion" and "Talk Designer Assistant" scripts for Poser‘s Talk Designer, and these were said to have provided the .XML needed to drive 200 figures in Poser 7. They may not work now, even if it can be dug out of some dusty old CD-r archive. 'Talk Designer Assistant 2 for Poser 9 / Poser 12' would be the target version, as it works in Poser 11.

    Mimic LipSync Studio 3.0.1 for Poser: This was the preferred solution for many, and still is you have it somewhere. Once loaded, you swop out the default Poser 6 proxy head, by loading any new .CR2 head. Older figures may work with lips, newer figure may not. Still works with Poser 11, probably your best solution if it can be found. 

    Zign Track 2: The only really robust Poser solution I know is Zign Track 2, still sold - but expensive. This is marker-based 'full-face and lips' mo-cap, and works with any webcam. It lets you set up a custom Poser export config for your figure, by typing in its part-label names. You are not stuck with targetting only V4/M4 and figures that use their rig labels, but you have to set up your own export config so it matches the labels being used by the target figure. A big drawback is that you are stuck with small reflective green beads (eBay: "polypropylene" or "pp") stuck to your face as markers, evenly placed and glued with liquid latex skin-glue sold by theatrical stores, or fake-eyelash glue. Thus the solution is really only one for a small studio which is going to do a lot of Poser face/lips mo-cap.

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    can you edit the xml files like you can dmc files? they look like plain text too

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