Holy Symbol Necklace or Rosary or Cross Necklace

Is it against Daz Policy to depict actual religious items and other sensitive ones?

I cant seem to a find a good cross necklace.

I thought it would be easy with all the Vamp stuff but surprisingly I have not seen one. or maybe it is because I am not using the right search term (especially if you devs dont factor that in when naming the item, it sure makes it hard to find your product if the name is too unique and does not state a subject or category in the searchable title)

Sorry for the mini-rant, it's from some Hours of looking in 2 days. Can anyone recommend a good one or know a better way to search for products. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed by all the items and with no proper filters, I just sometimes give-up my story idea entirely.

I want a church scene, ok, You want a cathedral? we got it. You want nun outfit? we got it. Father's outfit? cant find it, Rosary founda V4 one but hoping for G3/G8 priority.

Thanks for the help in advance.


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