Daz Studio plugins and MAC users question

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Anyone know if a plugin developed for Daz Studio using Visual Studio and c++ can run on a MAC if all coding is kept to Qt?

I am not a MAC user, but I thought MAC uses a different file extension than .dll, not sure, just wondering...


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 96,849
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    The plug-in source code would, at least, need to be recompiled on the Mac.

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    If you stick to Qt the recompilation can be relatively straightforward, but it will definitely need to be recompiled. The executable formats are different between Windows and Mac, and so even in a perfect situation (same architecture, all linking done dynamically at runtime, and the only libraries used are the ones exposed by DAZ Studio) you'd still need to rebuild, because Visual Studio C++ doesn't cross-compile to the Mac executable file format.

    There's a lot of other reasons, but I'm just putting the simplest to grok out there... :)

    -- Morgan

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    Thank you for the fast replies!

    I do understand now, Thank you!

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